Visual Art

Colour Trough

Tuesday, November 11, 1980 (All day)

Colour Trough

Artist: Kim Adams

Date: November 11 to December 6, 1980

Kim Adams exhibited two new works: a painting installation built out of galvanized sheet metal and two steel drums filled with corrosive etching solution, designed to be placed in the empty tile factory in Lime Bay.

Art and Correspondence from the Western Front

Tuesday, May 27, 1980 (All day)

Art and Correspondence From the Western Front

Artists: Vincent Trasov (a.k.a. Mr. Peanut), Kate Craig, Eric Metcalfe, Michael Morris and Glen Lewis

Date: May 27 to June 21, 1980

Art and Correspondence From the Western Front included the works of five west coast artists from, 1969 to 1979.The exhibition was compromised of four sections:(1) The Image Bank Correspondence Exchange, (2) Vincent Trasov, a.k.a. Mr. Peanut, (3) New York Correspondence Sponge Dance School of Vancouver, (4) Dr. and Lady Brute Present: Spots Before Your Eye.

Art and Correspondence From the Western Front, 1980

Women's Bookworks

Tuesday, April 8, 1980, 11:00 pm

Women's Bookworks

Curators: Doreen Lindsay and Sarah McGutcheon

Date: April 9 to 26, 1980

A travelling survey exhibition of contemporary artists' books by Canadian women. The exhibition was curated by Doreen Lindsay and Sarah McGutcheon and organized under the auspices of the Powerhouse Gallery, Montral.

Canadian Photoworks

Monday, March 3, 1980 (All day)

Canadian Photoworks

Artists: Arnaud Maggs, Shin Sugino and  Jennifer Dickson

Date: March 3 to 26, 1980

An exhibition of photographic works held at the Seccession Gallery. The exhibition was presented by the National Film Board.

Urban Spaces

Tuesday, February 5, 1980 (All day)

Urban Spaces

Artists: David Lee, Ken Meisterman, Rob Youds, Jean-Jacques Roussin

Date: February 5 to March 1, 1980

The exhibition featured photographs by David Lee and large abstract paintings by Ken Meisterman, Rob Youds and Jean-Jacques Roussin.

Seattle Invitational

Tuesday, January 8, 1980 (All day)

Seattle Invitational

Artists: Paul Berger, Marsha Burns, Jack Chevalier, Kathy Fridstein, Bob Mirenzi, Norie Sato and Lisa Zingarelli

Date: January 8 to February 2, 1980



Work by Lisa Zingarelli, Seattle Invitational, 1980 (Photo: Jeanne Shoemaker)

Space-Forms Collaboratory

Tuesday, October 9, 1979 (All day)

Space-Forms Collaboratory

Artists: Ruth Beer, Carole Sabiston, Catherine Stewart, Marcia Pitch and student's of UVic's Visual Arts Department

Date: October 9 to November 5, 1979

A series of events related to the architecture of the gallery with sculptural forms and installations coordinated by Ruth Beer.

Ruth Beer, Space-Forms Collaboratory, 1979 (Photo: Jeanne Shoemaker)  


Don Corman

Tuesday, July 10, 1979 (All day)

Artist: Don Corman

Date: July 10 to August 4, 1979

An exhibition of Corman's photographs was held at the Secession Gallery.


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