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The Stereo Show

Wednesday, November 4, 1981 (All day)

The Stereo Show

Artists: Dorothy Barnett, Linda Bedard, Rudy Bender, Paul Campbell, Norman Colp, Marie-Andree Cossett, Paul Herzoff, Daivd Hlynski, Michael Kumka, Clayton Lee, Gerald Marks, Lorran Meares, Steve Schwartzman, Douglas Tyler and John Weasley

Date: November 4 to December 12, 1981

An international exhibition of work by photographers who used stereo techniques to produce three-dimensional illusions. Open Space published a catalogue to accompany the exhibition. 

Jericho Detachment

Sunday, December 7, 1980, 4:00 pm

Jericho Detachment

Artist: Joey Morgan

Date: September 8 to October 10, 1981

Reception: September 13, 1981

The exhibition featured Joey Morgan's latex liftings from the old seaplane base at Jericho in Vancouver. Mogran was primarily concerned with transference, memory, colour and form. 


Open Space Invitational (Part I and II)

Tuesday, June 9, 1981 (All day)

Open Space Invitational (Part I and II)

Artists: Sydney Condraschoff, Vilio Celli, May-Lynn Ogilvie, Terryl Atkins, Don Gill, Christin Cosineau, Alan Storey, Alison Pugh, Pill Pechet

Date: July 17 to August 5 and August 8 to 30, 1981

Exhibition of recent works by young Victoria artists. 

Part I:

Included works by painters Sydney Condraschoff, Vilio Celli, May-Lynn Ogilvie and photographs by Terryl Atkins. 

Part Ii:

The exhibition included an performance/ video installation by Don Gill, photography by Christine Cousineau and sculpture by Alan Storey, alison Pugh and Bill Pechet. 

Colour Columns

Monday, June 8, 1981, 5:00 pm to Friday, June 26, 1981, 5:00 pm

Colour Columns

Artist: Carole Sabiston

Date: June 9 to 27, 1981 

An exhibition of fragments and constructions in cloth. 


Tuesday, April 14, 1981, 11:00 pm


Artists: Sorel Cohen and Suzy Lake

Date: April 15 to May 7, 1981

A photographic exhibition in which both artists explored areas invisible to our normal perceptions. 

Re: Constructivism: Studio Exhibition, Part I and II

Sunday, January 3, 1982 (All day)

Re: Constructivism: Studio Exhibition Part I and II 

Artists: Paul McIntosh, Derryl Croft, Danny Pio, Stace Stacewicz, Greg Caruso, Bruce Cobleni, Karen Smith, Tom Soames, Jennifer Hailday, Shelley Donald, Paul Wedel, Jessica Stockholder, Jim Carl, Peter Blights, Barbara Warson

Date: Part I, January 3 to 5, Part II, January 6 to 9, 1982

An exhibition by visual arts students from the University of Victoria. 

And Bend Over Kandinsky

Monday, March 16, 1981 (All day)

And Bend Over Kandinsky

Artist: Bill Burns

Date: March 16 to April 4, 1981

Bill Burns, a Visual Arts Graduate from the Univeristy of Victoria, created a monumental new sculpture at Open space. The original idea for the piece came from Kandinsky's Theory of Colour, in which he proposed an ideal correlation between colour and form (red corresponds with the square, as blue is to the triangle and yellow to the circle). As such, Burns created the basis for an arrangement of six architectural spaces constructed with plywood and drywall. 

Poster, And Bend Over Kandsinky, 1981

Barbara Fischer reiviwed the exhibition. She said:

Forms in time

Tuesday, January 13, 1981 (All day)

Forms in time

Artist: Gwen Curry

Date: January 13 to February 7, 1981

Forms in time featured Gwen Curry's mixed-media works on paper. Curry used certain archetypal images such as doors, windows, etc. which divide real physical space and signified our need to divide psychic space.



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