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William S. Brown Exhibition

Thursday, November 24, 1983 (All day)

Artist: William S. Brown (Toronto)

Date: November 24 to December 17, 1983 

An exhibition of Brown's recent work which consisted of a series of large black and white photomurals that illustrated the further adventures of William S. Brown. His last work, Steeplechase, an obstacle course for one racer, was met with favourable response in both Montreal and Toronto. In This new work, Brown continued to expand upomd the use of absurdity, humor and popular imagery which were his trademarks. With the aid of several costuems and photographic techniques, the artist entered into a metamorphic adventure. 


Representation as a Kind of Absence

Saturday, November 20, 1982 (All day)

Representation as a Kind of Absence

Artists: Sheila Ayearst (Nanaimo), Janice Gurney (Toronto), Andy Patton (Toronto), Beaty Popescu (Toronto) and Ralph Stanbridge (Victoria) 

Date: November 20 to December 31, 1982 

An exhibition of representational work in various media including painting, drawing, sculpture, small constructions and prints. 

The works in this exhibition had a common concern for images from the past, in particular, images from the history of painting. Underlying sources for the works were paintings by Goya, Manet, Giotto, Rembrandt, Kirchner, Durer and others. The reasons for using images from the past were manifold and different for each artist. 

Representation As a Kind Of Absence, 1982 

Photoformalism: Lynne Cohen, David Miller and Richard Holden

Thursday, October 7, 1982 (All day)


Artists: Lynne Cohen, Daivd Miller and Richard Holden

Date: October 16 to November 13, 1982

This exhibition of photographs included three of Canada's best known photographers, Lynne Cohen, David Miller and Richard Holden. Each artist shared a concern for formal depiction of the subject. Each dealt with man made structures, but each treated those structures in a different way. 

Lynne Cohen dealt with business interiors; she photographed them with direct frontality. Her work was not however about the geometry of the image, thought she fully understood and made use of this geometry. Instead her work was about the ironies of those interiors, of their hair dryers and plastic palm trees, of their machines juxtaposed with mural roses, of their realities and their artifice. These tableaus  with their quiet humor, were about our pretentions and aspirations. 

Fractured Vision: An Exhibition of Photography

Tuesday, October 5, 1982 (All day)

Fractured Visions: An Exhibition of Photography

Artists: Peter Titenberger (Winnipeg), Jon Baturin (Vancouver), Brian Lavery (Victoria) ,Share Corsault (Vancouver), Grant Arnold (Saskatoon), Randy Bradley (Vancouver) and Susan McEarchern (Toronto) 

Date: October 5 to 24, 1982

Fractured Visions was a group show by Canadian artists. The artists were are involved with a partially disintegrated image, on in which structure broke down as a result of various manipulations either at the time of photographing or subsequently. Their reasons were romantic, expressionistic, and analytic. The results shared a visual economy of statement and subject content. 




Gallery Tours and Outdoor Projects: Double Decker Bus Tour

Saturday, October 2, 1982, 5:00 pm

Gallery Tours and Outdoor Projects: Double Decker Bus Tour

Date: October 3, 1982

Admission: $4

Open Space and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presented Gallery Tours and Outdoor Projects—a special narrated double-decker bus tour of the city's public galleries and local artists' street projects. 

Don Gill was the bus driver/ narrator. He is driver for Canadian Sightseeing Tours and a well-known British Columbia photographer.

trunknuts, WHITEHEAD, floater: Peter Shelton

Tuesday, June 29, 1982 (All day)

trunknuts, WHITEHEAD, floater

Artist: Peter Shelton

Date: June 29 to August 7, 1982

Peter Shelton exhibited three sculptural installations. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue, published by Open Space, which documents two recent exhibitions by the artists, trunknuts, Whitehead, floater (at Open Space) and Sweathouse and little principles, which was exhibited at the Contemporary Arts Forum in Santa Barbara, California. 

"His installations are large structures often consisting of welding components assembled to yield walkways, hallways and architectural spaces small and large." This installation followed this tradition and was composed of three different yet related sculptures. 


Photoworks: A Collaborative Photography Exhibit

Monday, April 5, 1982, 11:00 pm

Photoworks: A Collaborative Photography Exhibit 

Artists: andy Arajas, Terryl Atkins, Eric Chappell, Marilyn Easun, George Gaudette, Patt Goettler, Don Ottosen and Eric Ranfft

Date: April 6 to May 1, 1982 

A photography exhibition by eight Victoria artists which reflected aspects of formal and narrative serialization. The works incorporated photographs, text, applied color and real objects. 

The works with both autobiographical and documentary and ranged from wall presentations and installations to folios and bookworks. 

Stephen Horne: Send Off

Tuesday, January 12, 1982 (All day)

Send Off

Artist: Stephen Horne

Date: January 12 to February 6, 1982

Artist's Lecture: February 22, 1982 at the University of Victoria 

Stephen Horne's works test the guarded relationship between art and modern technology. This exhibition made historical reference to the beginning of industrial capitalism where handicraft had just given way to the mass production of commodities. In this period, objects of use, valued for their workmanship and hence reliability, fall away and a new value is taken up. 


The relationship between art and technology was made visible by the written word. As Horne explained: 

John Wesley

Wednesday, November 18, 1981 (All day)

Artist: John Wesley

Date: November 18, 1981

Seattle photographer John Wesley gave a demonstration of 19th century stereo photography. 


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