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Joseph Beuys: An Exhibition of Graphic Works

Thursday, August 8, 1985 (All day)

Artist: Joseph Beuys

Date: August 8 to September 7, 1985

One of the most controversial artists of his time, Beuys is famous for such unusual works as his installation honey pump or his environments of tallow, felt and other natural materials. 

Josephy Beuys, Without the rose we can not do it (Ohne die Rose tun wir's nicht), Color offset with handwritten text, 1972

Artlink 1985

Thursday, May 17, 1984 (All day)

Artlink 1985

Date: May to August, 1985

Artlink was a pilot project of touring exhibitions by Vancouver Island Artists. The exhibitions rotated between Victoria, uncan, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Comox, Courtney, Campbell River, Port McNeill and Port Hardy. "Art in Motion" was Artlink's slogan, and for once that literally described the project; over 350 works, divided into five thematic categories (Waterworks, Graphicworks, Photoworks, Colour Works and Cityworks) travelled to ten different locations.

List of Events:

Victoria:  Waterworks

Date: May 17 to 31

Location: Artlink Annex (across from Open Space)

Duncan: Photoworks

Date: July 11 to 26

Location: Cowichan Community Centre

Nanaimo: Colourworks

Date: July 2 o 24

Location: Madrona Centre

Port Albern:i Waterworks

Date: July 8 to 26

Location: Rolins Arts Centre

Comox Graphicworks

Beyond the Malahat

Thursday, October 11, 1984 (All day)

Beyond the Malahat

Artists: Iain Baxter, Rene Poisson, Harold Thompson, Doug Senft, Ray Carter, David McLean, Brian Scott, Scott Ilott, J. Crowder, Ed Robertson, Lin Golden, Jim Tomlinson, WIll Julsing, Polani Cook, Rance McGrew, Gus Galbraith, George Norriss, Martin Honisch, Dorothy Ross, J.S. De Bree, Glen Spetz, Jim Campbell, Jim Thornsbury, D.J. Paterson, Serena Laskin, Michael Hornsby, Vaughn Neville, George de Pape, Jerry Pethick, Robert Campbell, George Sawchuk, Josephine Fletcher, Ian Garrioch, BIll Dickson, Wade Jones, Alegi 

Curators: Michael Harding, Annette Hurtig, Titti Cassano and Richard Lewin

Date: October 11 to November 17, 1984

The exhibition featured the work of several artists who represented an area from Duncan to Courtenay including Hornby Island. The pieces were in mixed media and sculpture as well as watercolours and oils. 



Thursday, July 26, 1984 (All day)


Artists: Eric J. Pittman, Cemroon Black, Biff Blast

Date: July 26 to August 25, 1984

Nexus featured light paintings by Eric J. Pittman, sculpted objects by Cameroon Black, masks by Biff Blast and an exhibition of wind and sun powered Spectral Visions. 

80/1/2/3/4 Toronto: Content/ Context

Tuesday, June 12, 1984 (All day)

80/1/2/3/4 Toronto: Content/ Context

Artists: Shelagh Alexander, John Brown, David Clarkson, Oliver Girling, Will Gorlitz, Nancy Johnson, Dyan Marie, Sandra Meigs, Stephen Menzies, Andy Patton, Jaan Poldaas, John Scott, Joanne Tod, Renee Van Halm and Robert Weins

Curator: Nick Brdar

Date: June 12 to 23, 1984, at Mercer Union March 6 to 31

T-Shirt As Art

Monday, May 21, 1984 (All day)

T-Shirt As Art

Date: May 20 to 28, 1984 

T-Shirts As Art was on display during the Harbour Festival; presented by Open Space and Metal Ark Street Media. 


Wednesday, May 2, 1984 (All day)


Artists: Marian Penner Bancroft (Vancouver), Raymonde April (Montreal), Lise Begin (Quebec City), Alex Neumann (Toronto), Jake Seniuk (Seattle) and Ian Wallace (Vancouver) 

Curator: Helga Pakasaar

Date: May 2 to 19, 1984 

Photo-Expansions was a national exhibition of photographic works. The artists used the camera in ways which turned still photographs into moving images. The cinematic sequences and narrative content of the large-scale works encouraged the viewer to read between and beyond the frames. 

In this exhibition, the medium of photography was expanded to include a wall-sized grid, colour xerox frieze, woven photographic strips, hand-coloured sculptural objects and videotape. 


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