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Canadiana: Lee Goreas

Thursday, December 3, 1992 (All day)


Artist: Lee Goreas

Date: December 3 to 19, 1992

Artist's Lecture: December 4, at noon

Canadiana was an exhibition of Lee Goreas' recent large-scale oil and latex paintings on plywood. They examined our relationship to Canadian culture and the way in which we are subjected to dominant external cultural hierarchies and beliefs. In examining the cliches, stereotypes and prepackaged meanings of our culture, Goreas included contradictions and satire commenting on the political decisions that affect education, economics and media, which deny growth to Canadian cultural identity. At the same time, Canadian suggested "an alternative to cultural identity based on the imagination, the secular, the personal, the regional and the mythical. 

An Eye in the Dawn

Thursday, October 12, 1989 (All day)

An Eye in the Dawn

Artist: James Lindfield

Date: October 12 to 27, 1989

Artist's Lecture: October 13

An exhibition of paintings in response to events or situations that presented themselves in the artist's life at one time or another. 

"Imagine a cross between Kokoshka and Chagall, and you will be in Lindfield territory. The paintings look biblical, but spiritual might be a more accurate description. The light that graces these works seems to shine through the jaundiced haze of pollution. There are also rough-hewn and somewhat bloody sculptures in attendance."

Monday Magazine, October 19-25, 1989, Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C. (Box 16, File 1989: S5) 

March Group Show

Thursday, March 10, 1988 (All day)

March Group Show

Artists: Karen Kazmer, Tracy Archinuk, Angy Agathoklis, Ana Strauss and Loretta Ha

Date: March 10 to 26, 1988

Kazmer investigated the absurdities, dreams and illusions of everyday life. Her work expressed the contradictions that occur in the gap between yearning and social reality and absurd elements and anxieties resulting from those contradictions. 

Tracy Archinuk, March Group Show, Open Space 1988

Karen Kazmer, March Group Show, Open Space 1988

Graham Metson

Wednesday, November 18, 1987 (All day)

Artist: Graham Metson

Date: November 18 to December 5, 1987

An exhibition of paintings which pursued Metson's inquiry into the nature and experience of personal involvement. 

Brittani Faulkes and Erich Ranftt

Friday, July 24, 1987 (All day)

Artists: Brittani Faulkes and Erich Ranfft

Date: July 24 to August 15, 1987

An exhibition of recent media and photographic installation works by two Vancouver based artists. 

The common concerns of these artists was a significant focus upon the process of art-making and the very role of the spectator to interact with given pieces through perceptual models which were based on specific (and assembled) philosophical and/ or spiritual treatises. 

Eric Ranftt's selection of four wall/floor installation works used a variety of 2-D sculptural and photographic elements, and incorporated a variety of Eastern and Western philosophical, psychological, scientific and spiritual sources. His position envisioned ancient ways and contemporary transformative values, whereby the "techne and psyche were in balance."

Visions of Rural China

Thursday, November 21, 1985 (All day)

Visions of Rural China

Artists: Shen Facao, Zhao Jing. Wan Yuxian, Cao Quantant, Yang Zhixian, Li Yuhuan, Liu Junwa, Li Zhoucheng, Ma Xiuhua, Wang Jinglong, Zhen Shuling, Wang Yating, Luo Zhijian, Xu Minhui, Wei Pengpeng, Shang Yujjie, Zhao Jufang, Luo Weiwei, Du Chengli, Wang Xiawa, Liu Jinhua, Qiao Caiqin, Chen Qiue, Yuan Xioaling

Date: November 21 to December 7, 1985

An exhibition of Chinese peasant paintings from Huxian. The paintings spoke to the heart of the viewer and presented a lively vision of rural life in China today. Rendered in brilliant gouache water colours, the strongly graphic paintings captured the rhythms of life, the plowing and threshing, the family at home and in the orchards, the bustling country fairs and markets. Motifs from the traditional folk arts of embroidery and paper cutting fused with new themes of modernization and prosperity to create a pleasurable sense of peasant life. 

Women In This Decade

Thursday, November 7, 1985 (All day)

Women In This Decade

Date: November 7 to 16, 1985

Open Space hosted a juried photo exhibition in recognition of the UN Decade for Women (1976-1985). Women from across British Columbia were invited to submit their works of photography. 

A committee, struck by Women's programs, concluded that a photography competition and exhibition would provide the women of B.C. with an appropriate vehicle to document their concerns and celebrate the achievements of the last ten years. Photography is a very accessible medium and provides women with an opportunity to express their views, their struggles and their achievements. The photographer was able to convey to the viewer a part of her experience with the impact of the entire collection which varied with the perspective of each viewer.


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