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Voyageries 2

Thursday, June 8, 1995, 5:00 pm to Saturday, June 24, 1995, 12:00 am

Voyageries 2

Artist: Thérèse Chabot

Date: June 8 to 24, 1995

Chabot's installation piece involved dried and live flowers, a wall drawing and a viewer interactive piece. 

Voyageries 1 was presented at the March 1995 Ground/Connection group exhibition in Minneapolis, in conjunction with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts conference. 

"What I do is very absurd but through my art work I aim to transfigure absurdity." 

Therese Chabot, "Artist's Statement", Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C. (Box 27, File 1995: S5) 


Thursday, May 4, 1995, 5:00 pm


Artist: Mary-Anne Kokoska

Date: May 4 to 20, 1995

Artist's Lecture: May 5

Mary-Anne Kokoska exhibited large scale drawings which reflected her investigation of memory and the unconscious through the metaphor of water. As the artist explained: "I am particularly interested in the ebb and flow of currents, the spinning movement of whirlpools, and how they relate to my thought process."

Mary-Anne Kokoska, "Artist's Statement", Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C. (Box 27, File 1995: S4) 


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