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12 x 12

Tuesday, June 10, 1997 (All day)

12 x 12

Date: June 10 to 14, 1997

Open Space presented an exhibition of selected artwork by graduating students from secondary schools in Victoria, Sooke and Saanich. 

[ un ] natural Histories

Thursday, April 17, 1997 (All day)

[ un ] natural Histories

Artists: Gwen Curry and Lyndal Osborne

Date: April 17 to May 7, 1997

Artists' Talk: April 18

Lyndal Osborne of Edmonton and Gwen Curry of Victoria both use that natural world as a starting point for their work.

Osborne's sculptural installation work was the product of careful gathering, sorting and manipulating, sometimes over the course of years. Her work reflected the landscape in its unending rhythms of growth, decay and transition. Lyndal Osborne is a professor at the University of Alberta and has shown her work in Europe, Japan, the U.S. Australia and Canada. 

Lyndal Osborne, Spinners, Open Space 1997

Fathers and Sons

Thursday, March 2, 1995 (All day)

Fathers and Sons

Artist: Jennifer Walton

Date: March 2 to 18, 1995

Artist's Lecture: March 3

Fathers and Sons was a series of five oil paintings that spoke to the patriarchical history of painting and the continued trend of sexism in images from popular culture and the media. The paintings depicted stereotypically masculine activity—men and boys sport hunting—as a metaphor for the way patriarchical power has bee passed from one generation to the next at the exclusion of women and girls. The five images looked much like those in Canadian and American hunting magazine—white males in the North American wilderness. However, the symbolism, the compositions and the painting handling formed a web of art historical references. 

Fragments, Memory

Thursday, February 2, 1995 (All day)

Fragments, Memory

Artists: Janice Wong and Kim Huynh

Date: February 2 to 18, 1995

Artists' Lecture: February 3

In this exhibition, Janice Wong and Kim Huynh incorporated both painting and printmaking (etchings)—fragments which shared a connection in subject and could be seen to represent the "individual's existence". 

Black Holes and Other Lies/ Black Lies and Other Holes

Thursday, January 5, 1995 (All day)

Black Holes and Other Lies/ Black Lies and Other Holes

Artist: Dianne Searke

Date: January 5 to 28, 1995

Black Holes and Other Lies/ Black Lies and Other Holes explored the process of personal evolution. The series arose out of a process of becoming aware of, examining and clarifying the artist's beliefs about herself and her context. The eight pieces in the installation were sequential: they focused on distinct stages, or states, as Searke experienced them, of that process of evolution. 


Vertical Gallery: OO AY?

Thursday, February 3, 1994 (All day)


Artist: Joseph Hoh

Date: February 3 to 24, 1994

This work was described as an "epistemological inquiry about a 'place' perceived physically and received through an intermediate source." 

"I was rather curious about how one reads maps and gathers other types of information from guide books in an attempt to function in a foreign place. What happened before the advent of the traveller's phrase book? How did the traveller know where to go? How about the information that we know today: how much is from a concrete experience and how much is from an intermediate source? Is the information reliable?" -Joseph Hoh, 1994

"Artist's Statement", Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C. (Box 26, File, 1994: V2) 


Vertical Gallery Inaugural Exhibition: Canned Regalia

Thursday, October 7, 1993 (All day)

Canned Regalaia

Artist: Cathi Charles Wherry (Anishnabe)

Curator: Brigitte Potter-Mäl

Date: October 7 to 30, 1993

Artist's Statement: 

"Last year I participated in a traditional Thanksgiving gathering at my father's home reserve in Rama, Ontario. During these three days and nights of meeting with relations, ceremonial drumming and dancing, I had a strong desire for regalia appropriate for this important and beautiful occasion. 

Vertical Gallery: Shauna Anderson

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 (All day)

Vertical Gallery

Date: April 10 to 24, 2007

Artist: Shauna Anderson

Curators: John G. Boehme with Zoe Kreya and Ross Macaulay

The Vertical Gallery presents work chosen in conjunction with a collaborative project between Camosun College and Open Space. 

From her accumulated collection of deer antlers and animal bones, Shauna Anderson recreated antlers in porcelain with ornate appliqués of gold, rendering them as delicate decorative imitations, installed in the foyer of Open Space. 



Canadiana: Lee Goreas

Thursday, December 3, 1992 (All day)


Artist: Lee Goreas

Date: December 3 to 19, 1992

Artist's Lecture: December 4, at noon

Canadiana was an exhibition of Lee Goreas' recent large-scale oil and latex paintings on plywood. They examined our relationship to Canadian culture and the way in which we are subjected to dominant external cultural hierarchies and beliefs. In examining the cliches, stereotypes and prepackaged meanings of our culture, Goreas included contradictions and satire commenting on the political decisions that affect education, economics and media, which deny growth to Canadian cultural identity. At the same time, Canadian suggested "an alternative to cultural identity based on the imagination, the secular, the personal, the regional and the mythical. 


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