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Mexican Portfolio

Saturday, October 1, 1977 (All day)

Mexican Portfolio

Artists: Paul Strand and Tom Yody

Date: October 1 to 23, 1977

Set of gravure prints by Paul Strand from the Vancouver School of Art Collection. Tom Yody exhibited stretched canvas sculptures and a large-scale installation piece. 

The Blue Door

Monday, September 12, 1977 (All day)

The Blue Door

Artist: Robert Embrey

Date: September 12 to 30, 1977

The exhibition featured photographs from Mexico - a traveling exhibition of dye transfer colour prints. 


The Real World of Carp Chaplin

Monday, August 22, 1977 (All day)

The Real World of Carl Chaplin

Artist: Carl Chaplin

Date: August 22 to September 11, 1977

The exhibition featured large airbrush and wax crayon canvases including the Unknown Island and Endangered Species series. 

"For me the purpose of art is to depict reality...To m, fantasy becomes very appealing when it comes closest to reality." Between those two statements lies 'The Real World of Carl Chaplin'.

"Carl Chaplin" in Monday Magaizine, Open Space Archives, Box 3, File 1977:S6a, Victoria, B.C. 


Laird Campbell and Allan Detheridge

Monday, August 1, 1977 (All day)

Artists: Laird Campbell and Allan Detheridge

Date: August 1 to 21, 1977

The exhibition featured photography, soft sculpture, intaglio prints, constructions, assemblages and "soundings/ drawings" employing rubbing techniques. 

At the time of the exhibition, Laird Campbell was employed as a Resident Artist. 

Resident Artist Programme 

Group of Ten Plus

Tuesday, July 12, 1977, 5:00 pm to Friday, July 29, 1977, 5:00 pm

Group of Ten Plus: Invitational Group Show

Artists: Jim Vriessen, Jim Corte, Richard Yates, Laird Campbell, Kerry Kelly, Allan Detheridge, Carol Sabiston, Margaret Berry, Sid Barron, Jim Lindsay and Bill Porteous. 

Date: July 13 to 30, 1977

Bernie Freemesser

Wednesday, July 13, 1977 (All day)

Artist: Bernie Freemesser

Date: July 13 to 30, 1977 

"Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Oregon, Freemesser's abstract color prints [were] done in the tradition of Aaron Siskind, in exclusively large formate. A selection of his work [was] on view at the Secession Gallery." --"Bernie Freemesser" in Monday Magazine from Open Space Archives, Box 3, File 1977:S3, Victoria, B.C. 


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