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Wood for Rolling

Friday, August 26, 2011 (All day) to Friday, September 30, 2011 (All day)

Wood for Rolling, Steven deBruyn, 2011

Wood for Rolling

Dates: September 9 to October 1, 2011

Artist: Steve deBruyn

In residence August 26 to September 10, 2011

Open Space presented the London, Ontario-based artist Steve deBruyn for a two-week production residency culminating in a three-week installation entitled Wood for Rolling. deBruyn coordinated with local volunteers to resource recycled building materials in the Victoria region to help construct a gallery installation inspired by the aesthetics of skateboard ramps. deBruyn has been actively exhibiting in Canadian galleries and artist-run centres, exploring the function and techniques of ramp construction, pushing the physical and conceptual boundaries of the form.

Open Space at Western Front

Sunday, February 12, 1978 (All day)

Open Space at Western Front

Artists: Bill Bartlett, Jim Corte, Tom Gore and Peggy Cady

Date: February 12 to March 5, 1978

Open Space, in an exchange program with the Western Front Lodge, opened an exhibition of works by For Continuous Use League members Bill Bartlett, Jim Corte, Tom Gore and Peggy Cady at Western Front.

The For Continuous Use League was formed in 1971 by Bill Bartlett, Jim Corte and Bill Porteous. An exchange network was established between Victoria and Los Angeles, California artists to explore Continuous Use philosophy and idea exchanges. Small objects and mail art was sent back and forth for over one year.

Western Front and Pumps at Open Space

Sunday, January 30, 1977 (All day)

Western Front and Pumps at Open Space

Artists: Kate Craig, Eric Metcalfe, Glen Lewis, Martin Bartlet, Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov, John F. Anderson, Keith Donovan, Roy Arden, Sandra Janz, Christopher Reed, Kim Tom Zak, R. Rick Trace it/ IDEA: Investigations Department of Eternal Art, John Mitchell and Gordon Kidd.

Date: January 30 to February 19, 1978

Opening: Monday, January 30, 7 to 10 p.m..

Open Space Gallery presented Western Front and PUMPS at Open Space, a multi-media exhibition.

"Western Front and PUMPS are two of Vancouver's 'parallel galleries' and artist-administered centres. Both are run by professional artists who are involved in collaborative, interdisciplinary artistic endeavors. Each centre serves as a residence, production area and exhibition space for in-house and guest artists."

Vahe Guzelimian

Sunday, January 29, 1978 (All day)

Artist: Vahe Guzelimian

Date: January 29, 1978

An exhibition of fourteen large recent color prints which dealt with shape and form. The exhibition was held at the Secession Gallery. 

Image Bank Postcard Show

Monday, January 9, 1978 (All day)

Image Bank Postcard Show

Artists: Vito Acconci, Mac Adams, Eleanor Antin, John Jack Baylin, Jeff Berner, G.A. Cavellini, James Collins, Diego Cortez, Katharina Sieverding, Coum Transmissions, Robin Lee Cruthfield, Robert Cumming, Dadaland, Peter Daglish, Lowell Darlind, Jimmy de Sana, Mario Diacono, William Farley, Robert Filliou, Herve Fischer, Charles Henri Ford, General Idea, Geoffrey Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Davi Det Hompson, Victor Hugo, Peter Hujar, Ray Johnson, Allen Jones, Marcel Just, Allison Knowles, Richard Kostelanetz, Les Levine, Glen Lewis, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mapplethorpe, Gordon Matta-Clark, Eric Metcalfe, Michael Morris, Hermann Nitsch, Foosty Nutzle, Tom Phillips, Yvonne Rainer, Cliver Robertson, Edward Ruscha, Willoughby Sharp, Vincent Trasov (a.k.a. Mr. Peanut), Ben Vautier and Allan Zubrick

Date: January 9 to 28, 1978


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