Komagata Maru

Tuesday, February 3, 1976 (All day)

Komagata Maru

Artists: Sharon Pollard and the Playhouse Theatre

Date: February 3 to 6, 1976

A play by Sharon Pollard, performed by the Playhouse Theatre. 



Friday, January 30, 1976 (All day)


Artists: Ross Barrett, Ken Capon, Don Cummings, Neil Fridenberg, Al Sharp,  Jack Velker, Gillian Loundes, Keran Malcolm, Shamus Michael Lineham

Date: January 30, 1976

A group of six musicians and three dancers from the Synergy Workshop in Vancouver presented "movement in sound". 

Diary of a Madman

Sunday, January 18, 1976 (All day)

Diary of a Madman

Artists: Gogol, Santo Cervello, Tom Kerr

Date: January 8, 1976

Admission: $3.00, $2.50 members

Written by Gogol,; performed by Santo Cervello; directed by Tom Kerr. 


Thursday, December 18, 1975 (All day)

Artist: Prescience

Date: December 18, 1975 

Open Space Theatre presented an experimental group who performed totally improvised music. 

Twelfth Night

Friday, November 21, 1975 (All day)

Twelfth Night

Artist: Maurice Harty

Date: Novmber 21 and 28, 1975

Camosun College Professional Theatre Arts Program presented Twelfth Night, directed by Maurie Harty. 


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