Like Father, Like Fun

Saturday, March 27, 1976 (All day)

Like Father, Like Fun

Artists: Eric Nicol and the Manta Players 

Date: March 27 and 28, 1976 

A spoof about "bringing up junior in the contemporary world." Written by Eric Nicol and performed by the Manta Players of Vancouver. 

The Box

Wednesday, March 17, 1976 (All day)

The Box

Artists: Sheldon Rosen, Pat Supeene, Dave Wallace

Date: Mach 17 to 32, 1976 

A one-act play by Sheldon Rosen that dealt with "mind games, love, hate and amoung others things, a box from Aunt Silly which ha[d] never been opened." Performed, directed and designed by Pate Supeene and Dave Wallace of Prometheus Players. 

Kaleidoscope Theatre

Sunday, February 29, 1976 (All day)

Kaleidoscope Theatre 

Date: February 29, 1976 

Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions of Vancouver Island presented An Oriental Legend, the story of a young man who falls in love with his landlord's daughter, and The Aihiparhinacrocadiligator, a musical collage about animals where actors change roles by changing hats.  


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