Funeral for Sadat

Thursday, August 19, 1982 (All day)

Funeral for Sadat

Artist: Joan Wilkinson

Date: August 19 to September 4, 1982

The exhibition consisted of a series of sculptures that were used as props in a performance of Sadat's assassination and funeral. Rather than presenting a moral or political point of view Joan Wilkinson explored the solemn festivity of the burial of a statesperson in the choreography of the performance and the materials of the sculpture.


Pacific Motion Company

Friday, February 20, 1981 (All day)

Pacific Motion Company

Artists: Janice LeBlond and the Pacific Motion Company

Date: February 20 and 21, 1981

A performance by a collective of dancers and musicians, directed by Janice LeBlond.


February 22: Dance workshop with the Pacific Motion Company.

Bill Evans

Saturday, February 7, 1981 (All day)

Artist: Bill Evans

Date: February 7, 1981

Bill Evans, director of the Bill Evans Dance Company, Seattle, gave a solo performance.

Movements II Collaboratory: The Roots of Movement

Monday, April 28, 1980, 5:00 pm to Friday, May 23, 1980, 5:00 pm

Movements II Collaboratory: The Roots of Movement

Artists: Hugh MacPherson, Anne Skinner, Dr. Derek French, Shirley French and Kay Van Sickle

Date: April 29 to May 24, 1980

Movements II Collaboratory: The Roots of Movement was a four week program of workshops, lectures, demonstations and films that explored phyiscal movement. The program was coordinated by Hugh MacPherson and Anne Skinner.

Movements II Collaboratory: The Roots of Movement, 1980 (Photo: Jeanne Shoemaker) 


May 6: "Physics and Movement: The Movement in Sub-Atomic Physics and the Universe and Our Place in the Middle" 

Inflatable Sculpture

Saturday, June 23, 1979 (All day)

Inflatable Sculpture

Artists: Carmen C. Rudd and Dolly Hopkins the clown

Date: June 23, 1979

Inflatable Sculpture was created by Carmen C. Rudd and Dolly Hopkins. The artists demonstated the 100 foot "snake-like sculpture" on Government Street. Dolly Hopkins, dressed as a clown, stood inside the bag and as it filled with air she walked through the sculpture until she finally broke out of it at the end.

The artists explained that the sculpture was created to "explore space in new media—plastic."

"Inflatable Sculpture", Victoria Times, Saturday, June 23, 1979, Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C., Box 5, File 1979:PA1.


Saturday, May 5, 1979 (All day)


Artists: Terminal City Dance Company, Tyler Merril and Henry Kucharzyk

Date: May 5, 1979

Performed by the Terminal City Dance Company, masks by Tyler Merril and music by Henry Kycharzyk.


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