New Theatre: Emphysema

Thursday, March 23, 1995 (All day)


Artists: Janet Munil, paul Terry and Florence McGregor

Date: March 23 to 25, 1995

Written by Janet Munil and produced by Intrepid Theatre Co, Emphysema took place partially in 1978 when bad boy theatre critic Kenneth Tynan (Paul Terry) interviewed silent screen siren Louise Brooks (Florence McGregor). 

Laughin' Till Ya Cry

Thursday, February 24, 1994 (All day)

Laughin' Till Ya Cry

Artists: Florence Ballard and Nicolle Nattrass

Date: February 24 to 27, 1994

Laughin' Till Ya Cry, a female comedy duo composed of Florence Ballard and Nicolle Nattrass, performed at Open Space. 

The Golden Veil

Saturday, September 16, 1989 (All day)

The Golden Veil

Artist: Maja Bannerman and David PRentice

Date: September 16, 1989

Maja Bannerman presented dramatic monologues and Divid Prentice improvised on violin. 


Black Wedge

Tuesday, August 11, 1987 (All day)

Black Wedge

Artists: Mecca Normal, Pete Plate, Morning Sickness, Rhythm Activism and Bryan James

Date: August 11, 1987

A poetry, music and politics performance. 


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