New Theatre: Red Rounded Skins of Evening Tomatoes

Thursday, January 28, 1993 (All day) to Sunday, January 31, 1993 (All day)

Red Rounded Skins of Evening Tomatoes

Artists: Simon McAslan and Michael MacLennan

Date: January 28 to 31, 1993

 The play was an "ecological romance" which explored the disintegrating relationship between two charachers as they struggled to understand themselves and each other amid forces neither understood, written by Simon McAslan and directed by Michal MacLennan. 

The Night of the Tribades

Friday, May 19, 1989, 2:19 am to Monday, May 22, 1989, 12:00 am

The Night of the Tribades

Artists: Peter Olav Enquist and Derek McCooey

Date: May 19 to 22, 1989

The Victoria Theatre Guild presented this award winning play by Peter Olav Enquist that portrayed a genius on fire and the consequences of women attempting to assert their individual humanity in a 19th century male dominated society.

The play was written by Peter Olav Enquist and directed by Derek McCooey. 



Thursday, March 8, 1973, 6:33 am to Saturday, March 10, 1973, 12:00 am


Date: March 8 to 10, 1973

Presented by Vancouver Theatreworks.



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