New Theatre: Random Acts

Thursday, January 31, 1991 (All day) to Sunday, February 3, 1991 (All day)

Random Acts

Artists: Nora D. Tandall and Jackie Crossland

Date: January 31 to February 3, 1991

A two-woman collaboration between Vancouver's Nora D.Randall and Jackie Crossland presented Coffeebreak Characters and Great Explanations : 4 Lesbian Stories.

New Theatre: Through My Eyes

Thursday, April 23, 1992 (All day) to Saturday, April 25, 1992 (All day)

Through My Eyes

Artists: Mia Blackwell 

Date: April 23 to 25, 1992

This innovative work incorporated various media, written and performed by Vancouver artist Mia Blackwell. It told the story of a bizarre assault, expressed through the eyes of the three involved: Victim, Assailant and Witness.


Thursday, March 26, 1992 (All day) to Sunday, March 29, 1992 (All day)


Artists: Jill Swartz and Randy Smith

Date: March 26 to 29, 1992

Victoria writer Jill Swartz premiered her first full-length play as part of Open Space's month-long celebration of International Women's Day. The play was directed by Randy Smith, with a cast of local Victoria women.



Thursday, February 6, 1992 (All day) to Sunday, February 9, 1992 (All day)


Artist: Eufemia Fantetti

Date: February 6 to 9, 1992

Written and produced by Eufemia Fantetti. This premiere explored an Italian Canadian family's attempts to come to terms with a mother's schizophrenia.

The Man in the Jelly Mask

Thursday, October 28, 1993, 1:00 am to Saturday, October 30, 1993, 10:00 pm

 The Man in the Jelly Mask

Artists: Brian McGugan

Date: October 28 to 3, 1993

Public Lecture: October 29

Described as a one-man psycho-thriller about an investigative journalist hunting down the story of a murder.

Man on the Moon, Woman on the Pill and My Three Dads

Thursday, September 23, 1993 (All day)

Man on the Moon, Woman on the Pill

Artist: Christine Taylor


My Three Dads

Artist: John Taylor


Date: September 23 to 26, 1993

A double-bill performance. Man on the Moon, Woman on the Pill by Christine Taylor gained some attention during its run here in Victoria due to the posters, which depicted a bare-chested Christine Taylor and Christ on the Crucifix, which were ripped down and went missing all over town. While in Vancouver, the well-recieved "darkly humoured sketch play" received a bomb threat. 

My Three Dads by John Taylor received rave reviews and contained a "not-to-miss" script. 

Sistuh's Sermon on the Mount

Thursday, May 13, 1993 (All day) to Sunday, May 16, 1993 (All day)

Sistuh's Sermon on the Mount

Artist: Tamara Madison-Shaw

Date: May 13 to 16, 1993

Sistuh's Sermon on the Mount  was a dynamic, one-woman performance art piece of poetry, creative monologue and interpretive movement by Seattle writer, poet, and performer Tamara Madison-Shaw.

The Ugly Duchess

Thursday, March 25, 1993 (All day) to Sunday, March 28, 1993 (All day)

The Ugly Duchess

Artist: Janet Munsil and Paul Terry 

Date: March 25 to 28, 1993

A One man play written by Janet Munsil and performed by Paul Terry. The Ugly duchess was based on the ill-fated life of Duchess Margaretha Maultasch. 


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