New Theatre: Ludwig

Thursday, March 15, 1990 (All day) to Sunday, March 18, 1990 (All day)


Artists: Tony Rekert, Amarrah Leva and Ray Rothschild

Date: March 15 to 18, 1990

Writer and performer Tony Rekert explored the restlessness of a deaf man who hears wild symphonies in his head. Dance performance by Amarrah Levan with drums by Ray Rothschild.

New Theatre: Crossing Borders

Wednesday, February 14, 1990 (All day) to Sunday, February 18, 1990 (All day)

Crossing Borders

Artists: Lina de Guevara and the Belfry-Puente II Group

Date: February 14 to 18, 1990

Crossing Borders was presented as a sequel to the 1989 production I Wasn't Born Here. Julio Cabrera and his group Cumbia were featured in this fact-based look at the experience of Latin American immigrants as they adapt to a new home in Canada, directed by Lina de Guevara.

New Theatre: Canadian Tango

Thursday, November 28, 1991 (All day) to Sunday, December 1, 1991 (All day)

Canadian Tango

Artists: Lina de Guevara 

Date: November 28 to December 1, 1991

Puente Theatre's latest collective production. Tells the story of Latin American immigrant couples and the effects that immigrating to Canada have on their relationships. The play was directed by Lina de Guevara. 

New Theatre: Strings

Thursday, March 28, 1991, 12:00 am to Sunday, March 31, 1991, 1:00 am


Artists: Carmen Rosen, Debbie Boyko and Simon Purcell

Date: March 28 to 31, 1991

An intricate combination of movement, voice, costume and set that examines the connections in the human psyche through time and space; created by Carmen Rosen, performed by Carmen Rosen, Debbie Boyko and Simon Purcell and directed by Simon Purcell. 

Square Dance

Saturday, March 2, 1991 (All day)

Square Dance

Artist: Judie Price

Date: March 2, 1991

A performance that concerned lack of communication, greed and cultural disintegration, by Judie Price.


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