Liquid Theatre of Lenny Yellowhorse

Thursday, April 17, 1975, 11:00 pm

 Liquid Theatre of Lenny Yelowhorse

Artists: Hilary Yellowhorse, Heather Weins, Cathy Mallory, Willie Lampe and Tom Rothgarde

Date: March 18 to 20, 1975

Admission: $1.50

"A door on stage will open either way; the audience can join the performers and watch out! the performers may enter the sanctuary of the crowd. This is only part of what makes Liquid Theatre Liquid Theatre, a new and unsual theatre group to perform at Open Space." (Open Space News Release, 1975) 

The Council of Peace

Wednesday, February 12, 1975 (All day)

The Council of Peace

Artists: Glynis Leyshon and Carolyn Zaph

Date: February 12 and 13, 1975

Admission: $1

A one act "beast fable" presented by Camosun College Theatre Arts Programme. An original script written by Local dramatist Carolyn Zaph , Council of Peace dealt with a legend of the forest and its inhabitants. The play was a workshop in progress production directed by local actress Glynis Leyshon. It was written in a story theatre format for senior high school students. 


Circus Minimus

Saturday, February 8, 1975 (All day)

 Circus Minimus

Artists: Puccio and Garbanzo the clowns , Professor Plum, juggler extraordinaire, the six-legged Staggering Beauty and other beasts, Doc Moon and the on man lunar band

Date: February 8, 1975 

Admission: $1 adults, $0.50 children 

"The smallest show on earth." 

Running away to join the circus was a common fantasy shared by the originators of Circus Minimus. Rather than run, they stayed home to create their own. The members used to be law students, musicians, social workers, anthropologists, fishermen. 

The circus performed with the Travelling Craft Fair the previous summer and has had shows at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. 

Eponymously Yours

Friday, August 29, 2008 (All day) to Tuesday, September 2, 2008 (All day)

Eponymously Yours

Dates: August 29 to September 2, 2008

Artist: Cindy Baker (Saskatoon)

Reception: August 28, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Eponymously Yours, functioned doubly as public relations excercise and as an actual performance. Cindy Baker, who has created a mascot of herself, walked a thin line between remaining true to her own personality and following guidelines of business standard mascot behaviour.


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