Poetry Cabaret

Tuesday, July 14, 1987 (All day)

Artists: Ernie Manera, Jolanta Pyra, Carolyn Sadowska, Jill Swartz, Linda Rogers, Gail Harris, Patricia Young and Carolyn Dryburgh

Date: July 14, 1987

Open Space hosted a fundraiser for Fringe Benefits grass roots theatre. 

Sound Poetry Festival: The Four Horsemen and Re: Sounding

Tuesday, October 2, 1973 (All day)

Sound Poetry Festival

Artists: The Four Horsemen and Re:Sounding

Date: October 2, 1982

"The experimental poetry performance group which calls itself The Four Horsement, began in 1970, when after a joint reading by b.p. Nichol and Steve McCaffery, Rafael Barreto-Rivera proposed that they should get together along with Paul Dutton and "jam." 

In 1973, they issued a record, CaNADAda, which contained their first early work, such as "Matthew's Line", "Allegro 108", and "Seasons." They recorded live performances given in Vancouver and Edmonton in 1974 and these were issued as Live in the West (1977). They have also published a great number of books individually as well as collectively. 

The Four Horsemen have resisted the temptations of tape technology and remained true to their purist conception of sound poetry as what can be produced by the unaided human voice.

Workshop: Sid Tafler

Tuesday, May 25, 1982 (All day)


Artist: Sid Tafler

Date: May 25, 1982

Sid Tafler, business and political writer for news publications, led a workshop on investigative journalism; sponsored by the Periodical Writers' Association of Canada. 

Ken Strange

Wednesday, May 5, 1982 (All day)

Artist: Ken Strange

Date: May 5, 1982

Acclaimed by the critics, Ken Strange (Ontario), combines fiction and poetry. He has published eight books including Bushed

"Bushed is to the mentality of the urban sprawl what James Dickey's Deliverance was to the Boy Scouts of atavitic tour de force...a work of startling power and insight." (Globe and Mail) 

Strange's poetry has been called "precise and elegant", filled with difficulties and delights. 


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