Peggy Cady: Video Lunch

Wednesday, September 14, 1977 (All day)

Video Lunch

Artist: Peggy Cady

Date: September 14, October 5, 12, November 2 and 5, 1977

Weekly lunch hour workshop that was open to the public and free of charge. Participants learned how to operate video equipment and participated in taping a program. Presented by Peggy Cady. 

See About Me

Monday, July 5, 1976 (All day)

See About Me

Date: July 5 to August 13 , 1976

Children's workshops produced by Peggy Caddy and sponsored by Open Space and the National Film Board. 

For children age 6 to 14, accompanied by group leaders of the Open Space Video Program. Range of experiments, from improvisation to problem solving, making musical instruments and city exploration. Children could choose individual workshops, week-long series, or special projects. 

Children's Workshops: 


Tuesday, January 6, 1976 (All day)


Date: January 6,  February 24 to 27, March 2 to 5, 9 to 12, 16 to 19, 23 to 26 and April 1, 1976 

Lunch-hour entertainment. featured classical, country, folk and jazz music, photography and theatre. 


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