Outreach Art '84

Thursday, July 19, 1984 (All day)

Outreach Art '84

Artists: Jerry Pethick, Phyllis Serota, Robert Amos and Kate Williams

Date: July 19 to 24, 1984

A selection of local art work for Open Space's Spring '84 school Outreach Programme was on view in the Gallery. 

The programme was organized by Open Space staff members Linda Heath and Alan Horne. It was intended to introduce local contemporary artists to primary and secondary school students. Videotapes interviews with each arts were sent to the schools along with the exhibits of their art. 

William Kirby

Thursday, April 15, 1982, 11:00 pm

Artist: William Kirby 

Date: April 16, 1982 

William Kirby, head of Canada Council's Art Bank, presented a lecture at Open Space. 

Canada Council Public Forum

Sunday, April 4, 1982 (All day)

Canada Council Public Forum

Artists: Geoffrey James, Anne-MArie Hogue and Fabienne Bilodeau

Date: April 4, 1982

Geoffrey James, Anne-Marie Hogue and Fabienne Bilodeau discussed the fields of painting, sculpture, film, photography and printing in a public forum held at Open Space. 

Movements Collaboratory

Friday, January 19, 1979 (All day)

Movements Collaboratory

Artists: Ellen Pierce, Ann Skinner, Martha Lovell, Maggie Gillis, Peter Ryan, Peter Bingham, Chris Creighton-Kelly, Annie Robbins, John Celona, Peggy Fostger and Judith Koltai

Date: January 19 to March 8, 1979

A six week series of performances, dance, poetry and music workshops, coordinated by Ellen Pierce. Dolly Hopkins, Maureen MacIntosh, C. Lee, Patricia Duguid, Jane Ellison, Lina de Guevara and Ralph Cole

Margie Gillis, Movements Collaboratory, 1979 (Photo: Jeanne Shoemaker)


List of events:

January 19: Preview performance by Movements Collaboratory dancers, directed by Ann Skinner


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