Friday, December 7, 2007, 9:45 am to Friday, January 18, 2008, 12:00 am


Dates: December 7 to 15, Jan 8 to 18, 2007

Artists: James Carl (Toronto), Michael Doerksen (Montreal), Kelly Jazvac (Toronto)

Curators: Megan Dickie, Ross Maculay and Rebecca Maculay


PAPER CUTS by Danielle Hogan

We all have a relationship with paper. We write on it, read from it, and of course create with it. As children it was our primary medium for creativity; anything could be cut, folded and pasted out of paper. For adults, paper brings good and bad news; it facilitates communication and is in front of us with our morning coffee. Recently, paper has become an affordable medium to fabricate digital information into physical objects.

The exhibition PULP asked artists to reinterpret the everyday material of paper. Artists used their ingenuity to cut, fold, crush, print and construct objects out of a material traditionally used as support.

Kelly Jazvac is an emerging artist who uses paper to exaggerate social fasciations and foibles. Her sculptures DeLorean and Part of the Enterprise are enlarged versions of paper patterns downloaded off papertoys.com. Michael Doerksen is a Montreal based artist and musician (Sunset Rubdown) who has worked with constructed paper sculpture for the past few years. Michael has completed extensive research into paper crafts.Michael will be presenting the installation Yamaha Macaw; a life-sized paper Yamaha motorcycle being smothered by a flock of blue paper Macaws. The sculpture is intended to lay bare the tense relationship between the environment and corporations, or more broadly, technology and nature. Toronto artist James Carl is well versed in the possibilities of constructing with paper. Carl's practice focuses on our relationship to the everyday mass-produced item. Carl reconstructs these items out of paper to create a contradiction between material and use. For PULP James Carl will be presenting a wall piece that is a digitally scaled up version of wood grain. The paper wood grain will be applied directly to the wall like wallpaper and create an interesting juxtaposition to well worn wood floors of Open Space.