Pacific Rim Slow-Scan

Pacific Rim Slow-Scan
Thursday, April 19, 1979, 11:00 pm

Pacific Rim Slow-Scan

Artists: Bill Bartlett, Peggy Cady

Date: April 20 to May 21, 1979

Pacific Rim was a visual communication link established between members of Peacesat users group in the Pacific using ATS-1Nasa Satellite and twenty hours of transmission time. There was audience participation at all locations, including Raratong, Cook Island, Santa Cruz, California, Wellinton, New Zealand and Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Gidney, Eric, The Artist's Use of Telecommunications: A Review, Leonardo, Vol 16. No. 4 (Autumn 1982), pp. 311-315 

Bill Bartlett, then the Direct Media Association coordinator, worked each Thursday and Friday within the Videospace installation. 

The exhibition also included "Eye to Eye: Young People of the Pacific Rim", a student's workshop, coordinated by Peggy Cady, in which young people were able to participate and collaborate with Slow-Scan technology. 

This is a diagram of the Pacific Rim Slow-Scan from the Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C. (Box 5, File 1979: F1a) 

In 2004, Jeremy Turner conducted an interview with John Southworth about early telematic art and the Pacific Rim project. See below: