Joseph Beuys: An Exhibition of Graphic Works

Joseph Beuys: An Exhibition of Graphic Works
Thursday, August 8, 1985 (All day)

Artist: Joseph Beuys

Date: August 8 to September 7, 1985

One of the most controversial artists of his time, Beuys is famous for such unusual works as his installation honey pump or his environments of tallow, felt and other natural materials. 

Josephy Beuys, Without the rose we can not do it (Ohne die Rose tun wir's nicht), Color offset with handwritten text, 1972

The graphic output of Joseph Beuys is designed more as a catalyst for understanding his total production of objects and actions than a series of works of art. Beuy's graphic style contains a rejection of elegance and superficial consistency. Many of the drawings and prints resemble unreadable diagrams, doodles, inkblots, half-finished gestures and disjointed collage fragments. Yet since his drawings are visually obscure, his titles are crucial for any real aesthetic experience. He remains a master of seduction through apparent ugliness.

Joseph Beuys, Earth-telephone, photo transformation, 1973 

The exhibition included video tapes on Beuys.

A joint programme of The Goethe Institute and Open Space Gallery. 

"Press Release: Joseph Beuys" Open Space Archives, Victoria, B.C. (Box 11, File 1985: S2)