Instruments of Happiness

Laurence Labat
Instruments of Happiness
Open Space
Saturday, April 1, 2017, 8:00 pm

Electric guitarists Tim Brady, Jonathan Barriault, Simon Duchesne, and Marc-Olivier Lamontagne will present a concert that promises “to extend the boundaries of the electric guitar.” As part of their Canada tour this concert features compositions by Tim Brady, Emily Hall, Maxime McKinley, René Lussier, Gordon Fitzell, Scott Godin, and Jordan Nobles. Come be part of this exciting exploration pushing new music for electric guitar to it’s next evolution. 
Why Instruments of Happiness?
"I have played guitar for 46 years, electric guitar for 41 years. My interest in the instrument really began on February 9th, 1964, when The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time.  The guitar (and the music) is created to make us happy, sad, contemplative, ecstatic…frankly, one is never indifferent in the face of music. According to my favourite guitar manufacturer, the legendary Robert Godin, you can never be sad with a guitar in your hands.  Absolutely, the guitar is an 'instrument of happiness,' hence the name for this new ensemble 'Instruments of Happiness.'”-Tim Brady
Instruments of Happiness is the name of the electric guitar ensembles produced by Bradyworks under the direction of Tim Brady. This ambitious project is dedicated to the performance of new music and includes a quartet, a professional  orchestra of 20 guitarists  and a 100-strong community-focused ensemble.
Instruments of Happiness is clearly obsessed with the electric guitar. We only have electric guitars on stage, and we hope fans of the instrument will find a sympathetic resonance with our concerts. However, we also hope  to  move  beyond  the  guitar,  creating  new  projects  and  concerts  that  are  unique,  imaginative  and  passionate musical events, all prepared with the greatest care for the quality of sound and the performance  of the music. We hope to be not just guitarists, but musicians. We hope to bring you some happiness with our instruments. 
The Quartet
The Instruments of Happiness quartet focuses on chamber music performed by high0level professionals, and is also designed to encourage the creation of new repertoire for this instrumentation. We think the electric guitar is a major contender for new chamber music and can contribute significantly to the future of chamber music in the 21st century.
The quartet first performed in 2014. In early 2016 they released their eponymous debut album on Starkland Records to great reviews in the USA, with premiere recordings of compositions by Tim Brady, Antoine Berthiaume and Rainer Weins. Available for purchase from Naxos: 
Their performances – such as their “Art of Fugue” show at the Montreal Baroque Festival (June 2016) and album selections at St. John’s International Sound Symposium (July 2016) – reveal a boundless curiosity and deft ability in covering a wide terrain. Their first major tour will bring them across Canada in March/April 2017 to premiere 5 new works by Canadian composers Jordan Nobles, Scott Godin, Gordon Fitzell, Maxime McKinley, and Emily Hall. 
Program Sponsors include: Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts des lettres du Québec, and Godin Guitars