Gifts from Our Ancestors

Karolina Tokarski, 2014
Gifts from Our Ancestors
Friday, March 7, 2014, 7:00 pm to Saturday, April 12, 2014, 9:00 pm

An exhibition of participants, mentors, and guests of the Indigenous Youth Artist Showcase

Artists: Brianna Dick, Jesse Campbell, Josh Goodwill, Keilah Lukenbill-Williams, Owen Parnell, Tonya Isaac, Sacha Ouellet, Peter Morin, Lindsay Delaronde, Amanda Laliberte, Bradley Dick, Sarah Hunt, and others
Exhibition: March 7, through April 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, March 7, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Saturday March 8, 1-4pm: Finger-knitting workshop for children with Brianna Dick.
Join us this Saturday, when Brianna will lead a finger knitting workshop for kids ages 7 and up (and adult kids too). The participants’ knitting will be joined together and added to Brianna’s installation in the gallery, as part of the Gifts From Our Ancestors exhibition.
Sunday March 16, 1-4pm: silkscreening-related workshop with Lindsay Delaronde
Sunday March 30, 1-4pm: photography-related workshop with Amanda Laliberte
More workshops and talks will be listed over the next few days!
Admission: By Donation
Visit the project blog for more information on what the artists are up to:

The Gifts From Our Ancestors group exhibition, opened on Friday March 7, 7pm, presenting works by seven emerging Indigenous artists ages 19-24 from the Victoria area alongside several of their mentors. The exhibition followed the teachings of Indigenous pedagogies, in which knowledge is passed down experientially across the generations. As such, emphasis was placed on inhabiting the gallery as a space of learning and doing, with several of the artistic works unfolding over the course of the exhibition.
This exhibition was the culmination of five months of mentorship, career development and exploration of diverse artistic practices and both traditional and contemporary artforms as part of the Indigenous Youth Artist Showcase. The program was initiated by several Indigenous artists and community leaders in partnership with Open Space, providing support for the artistic vision of youth from the local community. As part of the program, the young artists also sold their work alongside more established Indigenous artists in the Shapeshifters Pop-Up Shop in December, with great success.
Gifts From Our Ancestors will also featured a series of workshops in which community members are invited in to the gallery to learn from, and alongside, both senior and emerging Indigenous artists from the Victoria area.
The Gifts From Our Ancestors exhibition and workshops provided opportunities for conversation and collaboration both intergenerationally and cross-culturally, bringing artists and community members together around a kitchen table in the center of the gallery. As community members, we invite viewers in to the gallery to witness the growth of these young artists and the leadership of their mentors.
Schedule of events 
Friday March 7, 7pm: Gifts From Our Ancestors exhibition opened featuring work by emerging artists Brianna Dick, Jesse Campbell, Josh Goodwill, Keilah Lukenbill Williams, Owen Parnell, Sacha Oulette, and Tonya Isaac, as well as their mentors Amanda Laliberte, Bradley Dick, Peter Morin and others.
Saturday March 8, 1-4pm: Finger-knitting workshop for children ages 7 and up, led by Brianna Dick. We invited children and youth (and children at heart) to join in this finger knitting workshop, which culminated in joining knitted pieces together to form an addition to Brianna Dick’s installation in the gallery.
Sunday March 16, 1-4pm: tontà:se (doon-dah-ze) - Silkscreening-related workshop with Lindsay Delaronde
Participants created silkscreened patches
Sunday March 30, 1-4pm: photography-related workshop with Amanda Laliberte
Exhibition photos by Jacquelyn Bortolussi, 2014