Drawing Habitats Workshop

Drawing Habitats Workshop
Thursday, August 10, 2017,
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

 Victoria - A specialized creative opportunity in August, Drawing Habitats invites young participants to learn more about how each individual can help look after the environment, while getting a chance to draw what they see in the marshes at Swan Lake. Open Space is hosting this weekday afternoon in partnership with Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary.
Educatiors both from Open Space and Swan Lake will co-facilitate the workshops. Each afternoon starts with participants getting outside to experience the Swan Lake wetlands. While exploring the park from different vantage points, youth taking part will learn about Vancouver Island ecologies and how they fit in both natural and urban systems. 
After the Swan Lake outing, participants will take the Community Action Bus to Open Space on Fort St. where they will have a chance to meet artists Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane. These two are spending the summer months creating an enormous, immersive drawing installation titled Forestrial Brain, inspired by their experience hiking the West Coast Trail. The participants will be able to talk to the artists about shared experiences of nature and about drawing the land and the environment they experience. 
Drawing Habitats promotes sharing knowledge through visual, creative methods that reinforce the value of exchange and collaboration; it also provides a chance for young people to connect with professional artists and realize the value of visual art as a communcation tool.
For more information and to register please call 250 383 8833 or email us at office@openspace.ca