Beyond the Malahat

Beyond the Malahat
Thursday, October 11, 1984 (All day)

Beyond the Malahat

Artists: Iain Baxter, Rene Poisson, Harold Thompson, Doug Senft, Ray Carter, David McLean, Brian Scott, Scott Ilott, J. Crowder, Ed Robertson, Lin Golden, Jim Tomlinson, WIll Julsing, Polani Cook, Rance McGrew, Gus Galbraith, George Norriss, Martin Honisch, Dorothy Ross, J.S. De Bree, Glen Spetz, Jim Campbell, Jim Thornsbury, D.J. Paterson, Serena Laskin, Michael Hornsby, Vaughn Neville, George de Pape, Jerry Pethick, Robert Campbell, George Sawchuk, Josephine Fletcher, Ian Garrioch, BIll Dickson, Wade Jones, Alegi 

Curators: Michael Harding, Annette Hurtig, Titti Cassano and Richard Lewin

Date: October 11 to November 17, 1984

The exhibition featured the work of several artists who represented an area from Duncan to Courtenay including Hornby Island. The pieces were in mixed media and sculpture as well as watercolours and oils.