And Bend Over Kandinsky

And Bend Over Kandinsky
Monday, March 16, 1981 (All day)

And Bend Over Kandinsky

Artist: Bill Burns

Date: March 16 to April 4, 1981

Bill Burns, a Visual Arts Graduate from the Univeristy of Victoria, created a monumental new sculpture at Open space. The original idea for the piece came from Kandinsky's Theory of Colour, in which he proposed an ideal correlation between colour and form (red corresponds with the square, as blue is to the triangle and yellow to the circle). As such, Burns created the basis for an arrangement of six architectural spaces constructed with plywood and drywall. 

Poster, And Bend Over Kandsinky, 1981

Barbara Fischer reiviwed the exhibition. She said:

"As one enters the gallery a huge triangular 8' high space barricades the view on the other parts of the piece as well as the gallery space. As one walks around, it becomes clear the the triangular room is followed by a round, and further by a square space in linear progression, leaving a kind of hallway between the sculpture and the gallery space. The particular architectural arrangement lends the piece a domestic quality." 

Fischer explained that Kandinsky's colour theory remained largely insignificant in terms of the "experience of the work." Unlike Kandinsky, who stressed the individual significance of each unit of colour, Burns' sculpture required navigation between the three units. In this way, the participants' experience was intensified by the transition through color and architectural characteristics of each unit.

Fischer, Barbara, "Complex Structure HIghlights Open Space Season", Open space Archives, Victoria, B.C. Box 5, File 1981: S2.