80/1/2/3/4 Toronto: Content/ Context

80/1/2/3/4 Toronto: Content/ Context
Tuesday, June 12, 1984 (All day)

80/1/2/3/4 Toronto: Content/ Context

Artists: Shelagh Alexander, John Brown, David Clarkson, Oliver Girling, Will Gorlitz, Nancy Johnson, Dyan Marie, Sandra Meigs, Stephen Menzies, Andy Patton, Jaan Poldaas, John Scott, Joanne Tod, Renee Van Halm and Robert Weins

Curator: Nick Brdar

Date: June 12 to 23, 1984, at Mercer Union March 6 to 31

80/1/2/3/4 Toronto: Content/Context was the first large-scale attempt in Toronto to group together some of the better young work to be produced over the past four years. There was a new generation working in Toronto and yet it had never really been presented that way: as a new generation at work. Some of the artists included in this exhibition had already been recognized to some extent by solo shows or private galleries or in international exhibitions in New York and Europe, but never had they been grouped together in numbers of more than three or four. 

As the Toronto curator Richard Rhodes explained,  the exhibition was "a record of fifteen individual imaginations presenting us with a sense of what it is like to be alive now."