Audiospace 2009

photo: Chantale Laplante

Active August 25, 2009

Commissioned composer: Chantale Laplante

Visiting — Inviting: a dialogue of sounds

Curated by Tina Pearson


Audiospace 2009 Commission
in memoriam Pina Bausch (audio file) by Chantale Laplante
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Audiospace 2009 Submissions
Eureka! (audio file) by Bill Gilonis
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Cryptomnesia (audio file) by Margaret Schedel
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Megmix (2009) (audio file)by James Harley
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Untitled (audio file) by Michael Oxman
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cicadas song (audio file) by Brad Wutke
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Bergen / Saskatoon (audio file) by Andrew Taggart and Ian Campbell
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Audiospace 2009 features Canadian electroacoustic composer Chantale Laplante, who invited audio artists to create a 4–4.5 minute sound piece by working within a collaborative process. Artists were asked to exchange short hi fidelity field recordings without comments on the source, and to each use the received file to create a personal sonic world by reworking and/or adding to the original recording. Artists were also asked to include text diary reflections about their process in making their submissions, considering the ways in which collaboration exposes “the possibility of an engaging conversation where convictions can be transmuted into questions and finally new criterion.”


Click here to view Chantale Laplante’s theme Visiting-Inviting: a dialogue of sounds and the Audiospace 2009 Call for Submissions


Audiospace 2009 submissions, along with the diaries from the artists, were presented here in the Audiospace gallery for public listening and active discussion. Comments from visitors to the site played a role in selecting works recognized to receive honoraria. Recognition is based on the quality of the submitted work and supporting texts, the work’s adherence to and realization of the Call’s theme and guidelines, and by visitor responses.


The Audiospace 2009 works are available only in uncompressed format — WAV or AIFF — through a link on the artists' pages below. Clicking on the “audio file” link for each work will open the audio file in a program such as Quick Time, Real Player or VLC, based on your computer’s default media player settings. The files might take a few seconds or more to load depending on computer memory and Internet connection — please be patient. Because the files are uncompressed, you will have a better listening experience and hear more of the detail in the compositions if you listen on good quality headphones or speakers instead of your laptop or computer speakers.  


Visitors are invited to discuss the Audiospace project here

Visitors are encouraged to discuss Audiospace 2009 submissions on each artist’s page (click on the artist page links above), and to participate in the public jury process by responding to the following questions:

1. Which submitted work most compelled you to listen to it more than one time? What was compelling about it, and what did you discover on repeated listening?  ?

2. Which work’s sounds and/or composition most brought you a sense of surprise, wonder and/or reaction? What was surprising to you?  

?3. Which work most invited you to listen anew to the details of your own soundworld and/or inspired your own audio work? Please describe.

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