Audiospace 2007

 Commissioned composer: Chantal Dumas


Where Does it all Begin?

Curated by Doug Jarvis, Tina Pearson, and Adam Tindale


Montreal sound artist Chantal Dumas’s Call for Submissions theme for Audiospace 2007 was Where Does it all Begin? Chantal was interested in the starting point of the creative urge, the passage from the unconscious to the conscious, and identifying the progression from that point of origin to the materialization of a work of art. Dumas asked artists to create audio works that considered the notion of "beginning" and further clarified the call by suggesting the works be created with a "spicy" atmosphere, a "confined" style, and an "elegant" colour. The duration of the audio works were not to exceed seven minutes, and artists were asked to provide short texts about the beginning point of the creation process. 


Click here to read the Call for Submissions by Chantal Dumas


The seventeen submissions received included an eclectic array of electronic, recorded acoustic and mixed works from solo artists, duos and ensembles, one of which performs on the virtual reality platform Second Life.


Visitors to the Audiospace site were invited and encouraged to make comments through a comment function embedded in each artist's submission page, and to "vote" on five questions asked about the submissions. Visitor input played a part in determining the works recognized as particularly successful artistically, in responding to the Call, and in generating comments from visitors to the site. The final selection of works to be recognized was made by the Audiospace 2007 jury.


Five Audiospace 2007 works were chosen to receive honoraria:
Definition of Communication by Michael Benneyworth
Untitled by Scott Bertram
Oh Boy (audiospace edit feat. Jobi Mihajlovich) by Adam Koebel
Dishwasher Safe by Emilie Payeur
Rue Blanche by Bjorn Eriksson (Milieu Takahe)


Audiospace 2007 closed September 15, 2007, with Audiospace Virtual Live, a networked event in Victoria that brought Chantal Dumas and Audiospace artists together through the Skype platform to remotely listen to and discuss their works and the project with a live audience at Open Space. The event closed with a performance of Bjorn Eriksson’s Audiospace work Rue Blanche on Second Life by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.


THE CORK - Chantal Dumas

Commissioned by Open Space New Music for Audiospace 2007

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