Audiospace 2003

Commissioned composer: Robert Normandeau 

The inaugural edition of Open Space invited composers, turntablists, radio artists, poets, audio sculptors, and anyone involved in the creation of sound-based environments to contribute web-based audio works under five minutes in duration. The Call for Submissions particularly sought works that explored issues of digitalization, asynchronous dissemination, piracy, and the loss of the “aura” of the original in a networked digital world.

Robert Normandeau’s commissioned Audiospace work, Puzzles, is a lively dynamic play on processed vocal utterances the sounds of door hinges, put together in a succession of rhythmically interlocking patterns. A version of Puzzles was included in Normandeau’s Puzzles DVD, one of empreintes-DIGITALes' first two audio DVD releases in 2003.  

The audio submissions from Neil Cooke-Dallin, Andrian Pertout, Alberto Guedea and Li Wei Chang expound a range of sound worlds, technical tools and contexts, from references to John Cage’s rhythmic prepared piano music, the raw sonic approach of iconic sound artist Zbigniew Karkowski, the creation of machine-like utterances, and the use of beat box sounds and stereo imaging.

Audiospace 2003 used a simple poll that gave visitors to the site unfettered freedom to determine the winning pieces selected to receive honoraria.  


The winners:

Aspirina&Milk&Speed&Mango&Cheetos&You. by Alberto Guedea (Canada)

Pañc hazar chakra kai andar by Andrian Pertout (Australia)

crannnky by Li Wei, Chiang (USA)


Audiospace 2003 commission:

Puzzle by Robert Normandeau (2003) 05:39

This music has been composed, like its title suggests, as a succession of small pieces destined to fit one in another. But contrary to the traditional play, here the pieces of music can be organized together in whatever order. In other words, on the temporal level and the timbral plan, the sonorities used have been tuned in such a way that they can be superimposed or juxtaposed of a thousand different ways. The version presented here is one of the multiple possible versions. The sound sources are made of door sounds and vocal onomatopeias.


Audiospace 2003 Submissions:

Steeping Patterns Neil Cooke-Dallin 04:40

I named the track Steeping Patterns simply because I had been drinking a lot of tea and not sleeping much at the time of the recording.

Pañc hazar chakra kai andar Andrian Pertout 05:43

Pañc hazar chakra kai andar or Within Five Thousand Cycles is a piece for Yamaha Disklavier that attempts to explore the instrument within the context of John Cage inspired piano preparations.

crannnky Li Wei Chiang 04:11

Tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski.

Aspirina&Milk&Speed&Mango&Cheetos&You. Alberto Guedea 04:31

Aspirina & Milk & Speed & Mango & Cheetos & You is a composition that is based on the exploitation of virtual machines to obtain a new and experimental sculpturised rhythm-anti-rhythm.