Feeling Measurements: Walk

Feeling Measurements: Walk
City Studios: 742 Johnson
Sunday, December 10, 2017, 1:00 pm

As part of the ongoing Feeling Measurements residency at Open Space, artist-in-residence Kerri Flannigan and collabroator Laura Gildener will facilitate a workshop exploring stories of shared and personal experiences of place from queer perspectives. In this workshop, participants will collectively investigate the various ways that we inherit, inhabit, and/or embody our differing lived experiences, and how these experiences inform the ways we move through space.
The walk and workshop will respond to stories generated by the Feeling Measurements open call, to collaborate and conspire to create an abstract map of our experiences of space. Participants will be provided stories to respond to, and be invited to share their own, and through discussion, movement based exercises, and a guided walk we will experiment with exchanges around experiences of space. As a group will also have the opportunity to create transmissions via slow scan machines - Slow Scan is a telecommunication technology that sends send low-resolution black and white images via radio waves between stations. Slow Scan was created in the 50’s as a way to traverse geographic distances but we will be using this technology as a way to engage with emotional distances and proximities. The workshop will be largely exploratory and collaborative, with multiple ways of engaging with these stories.
The intention of this workshop is to conceive of a queer geography of past and present realities, as well as possible futures. Queerness as a framework offers us imaginative ways of looking at, making, and un-making relationships and connections. We want to honour intersectional experiences and recognize that there is no singular experience of queerness or queering space. Focusing on lived and embodied experiences, we want to consider a multiplicity of ways of navigating and negotiating being in space, and how we are attentive (or not) to our environments, both individually and collectively. In the creation of a relational map of stories, emotions, and performances, based on fathomed (and unfathomed) measurements, we hope instead to gesture, imperfectly, at the intimate and embodied - at both the visible and invisible ways we move through space. 
We want to acknowledge that doing this work in Victoria - Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Territories - is complicated, as are the ways in which histories of colonization inform our movements on this land. We also seek to honour storytelling and relationality as acts of resistance, and to work to uphold the protocols and histories of the Territories we are on. 

  • Participants in the event will receive a small honorarium of 25$. There are limited spaces so please RSVP to feelingmeasurements@gmail.com
  • This workshop is open to individuals of all gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and abilities who find resonance (or dissonance) with the idea of queering space.
  • The walk route is wheelchair accessible. The City Studio space is accessed by a forward opening door that has an automatic open function. It is all one level, carpeted.
  • The washroom is all gender, has two support bars, but does not have a wide enough door way to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • ASL translation is available upon request. Childcare will not be provided but children are welcome to participate and attend the workshop.

Who We Are:
A team of collaborators and co-conspirators that (so far) includes: Kerri Flannigan, Megan Quigley, Laura Gildner, as well as Claire Lyke (MTL) with support/feedback/editing from: Doug Jarvis, Kim Smith, Dan M, Dana Levine, Breanna Fabbro, Helen Marzolf, Alexis Hogan, Jess MacCormack 
Facilitator Bios:
Kerri Flannigan: Kerri Flannigan is an interdisciplinary artist and support worker currently living on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Territories (Victoria, BC). Primarily working in print, video and performance, Flannigan's work comprises an interdisciplinary approach to forms of experimental narrative and documentary. Recent explorations have included themes such as family mythologies, coming-of-age confessions, body language and histories of babysitting.
Laura GildnerLaura Gildner is an intermedia artist also living on Lekwungen territory. Her practice is rooted in the performative and spans across photography, video, sound, installation, and participatory live events that seek to confront the personal and sometimes absurd correlations that can exist between memory and identity. Often collaborating with strangers, she is especially interested in how popular culture and the notion of home can inform a space or experience. 
View the call for submissions here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1814481545510227/