Allison Moore's Production Residency

Allison Moore's Production Residency
Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 4:30 pm to Friday, August 16, 2019, 5:00 pm

Montreal-based new media artist Allison Moore spent two weeks (July 16-30) working out of Open Space as she embarked upon research and development for a video mapping project at the Fisgard Lighthouse. The production residency saw her develop a new work that will culminate in a video projection mapping event at the historic lighthouse proposed for the summer of 2020.
During her time in Victoria, Moore gathered footage of the land surrounding the lighthouse, met with Parks representatives, and consulted with lighthouse historians who were able to share stories of the lighthouse and lighthouse keepers past. Moore held open gallery hours and presented an artist talk in which she opened up the process of creating a video installation based around the lighthouse. Over the next year, Moore will gather these pieces through her unique collage and animation methods into a visual-poem tribute to the lighthouse that opens up the majestic poetics of landscape, the surrounding weather systems, and unique marine ecosystems of the coast.
Check out photos from her residency and stay tuned for the presentation of the project next summer!
In conversation with Allison's residency, Open Space staff held an activity at this year's Moss Street Paint-In to invite the public to colour in drawings of the Fisgard Lighthouse. We then compiled these drawings to create a collaborative animation of the lighthouse inspired by Allison's animation practice. Click the sidebar icon to enlarge the animation!
Thank you to all who contributed to the collaborative animation! Artists include...
Susana Guardado
Martina Kasumovich
Kaya Aldridge
Anoush Aldridge
Ana Clare Perry
Isla Katherine Perry
Ava Rae Chen
Michael Haasjes
Charlotte Ballanhgao
Martin Mcfarlane
Bethany Gillese
Katie Gillese
Ruth Gillese
Caitlyn Wright
Dylan Wright
Finn Horan
Grace Horan
Ocean Defayette
Bruno Ribeiro
Eve Love
Clara Lynn
Eliana Crudo
Cléa Crudo
Ann Chou
Krista Tupper
Lisa Chou
Annina Sly
Andrew Sly
Stella Tupper Payne
Fatou Bouare
Aubrey Ghory
Hannah Ghory
Humera Nilsson
Samantha Langille
Yireh Jo
Sarah Ku
Isabella Jade
Oscar Wax
Louie Wax
Andrew Guy
Mack Palmier
Jason Whalley
Karin Kallio
Isabelle Walker
Eleanor Collins
Emily Chan
Ellie Chan
Victor Morin
Elsa Morin
Candice Low
Allegra Low
Parisana Low
Yenay Verdun
Julia Galloway
Aira Hartmen
Iris Hartmen
Karson Hartmen
Cody Weston
Hayden Weston
Lillian Weston
Zoe Angus
Kimberly Angus
Jams Angus
Kim Kennedy
Elysia Glover
Kanami Ovakim
Rentaro Ovakim