Diana Burgoyne

Reflecting on Technology: Diana Burgoyne's "Electronic Folk Art" 


Diana Burgoyne performed at Open Space three times in its forty-year history. A self-described "electronic-folk artist," Burgoyne attached inexpensive parts from the local Radio Shack to her body to explore the way humans interact with technology. This essay examines the issues raised by this work twenty-five years later. Burgoyne's inventive explorations of the use of electronics—as costumes, tools, machines, media, and systems—continues to confuse and amuse, intrigue and entertain. Importantly, the work continues to raise complex questions about our relationship with technology. 

To download the full essay, click here: Reflecting on Technology.pdf


Reflecting on Technology: 'Diana Burgoyne's Electronic-Folk Art' was written by Sara Fruchtman, a third-year history in art student at the University of Victoria. Sara interned with Open Space in the summer of 2011 through Canada Summer Jobs.

In 2006, Jeremy Owen Turner conducted an e-mail interview with Diana Burgoyne.

Download the interview here: Diana Burgoyne Interview, 2006  


Download the interview here: Diana Burgoyne Interview with Greta Hamilton, 2017 

Diana Burgoyne, Digital Body, 3rd Annual Live Computer Music Concert, Open Space, 1983


Two Performers in Three Untitled Pieces, October Project, Open Space 1992