Photo: Lyssa Pearson


Open Space's New Music Program is dedicated to the presentation of new music created from an unconventional perspective and from a practice steeped in sound. Composers, musicians, and sound artists are encouraged to work within and outside of their medium, and inside and outside traditional presentation formats. Open Space investigates ways to supplement its physical venue with spaces "outside" of the existing white box through the exploration technology and other alternative presentation possibilities.


Audiospace, initiated in 2003 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Open Space, is a bi-annual web-based audio art project that explores the Internet as a venue for sound works. Audiospace provides a forum for artists and World Wide Web community members to discuss and investigate the impact of the Internet on the creation, dissemination and perception of sound, music, and human interaction within the evolving world of digital connectivity. 


Audiospace has featured commissioned composers Robert Normandeau (2003), Kenneth Newby (2005), Chantal Dumas (2007), Chantale Laplante (2009) and David Checchetto (2011).  


Before 2011, each edition of Audiospace features a Canadian sound artist commissioned to create a web-based audio work and develop a themed Call for Submissions, which is distributed globally through the Internet. The call invites sound artists to create audio works for public listening, discussion and a public jury process in the Audiospace web gallery. Artists whose works are chosen for recognition are awarded an honorarium and presented at the Open Space Gallery in Victoria. All Audiospace works remain featured on indefinitely. 
The Call for Submissions themes have explored the aura of digitalization, cultural elements within the sonic, the root of the creation process, collaboration, and acousmatic listening. While he first three editions of Audiospace requested mp3 files from artists, Audiospace 2009 moved to support a higher fidelity audio listening space by requesting large format audio files. 
Each Audiospace edition is available for viewing and listening by clicking the links below.
2011 - featuring David Checchetto and William Brent — Exurbia
2009 - featuring Chantal Laplante — Visiting — Inviting: a dialogue of sounds
2007 - featuring Chantal Dumas — Where Does it All Begin?
2005 - featuring Kenneth Newby — Sounding Cultural Difference
2003 - featuring Robert Normandeau